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  • Performance

    Realize areas of revenue growth
    with recommendations that
    optimize resource allocation and
    increase EBITDA as a result.

    Identify Top Opportunities for Revenue Growth

    The Performance Engine uses predictive analytics to identify and pursue high-impact opportunities. Drivers that impact performance are uncovered to improve business health and value, as well as increase incremental EBITDA by up to 4%.

    Capabilities and Business Outcomes Realized:
    • Run and compare multiple scenarios to determine optimal resource allocations to meet strategic objectives.
    • Improve statistical models and algorithms using big data, data science, and closed-loop feedback.
    • Collaborate on a smaller, more manageable set of drivers across business units.
    More Powerful on the Platform

    Analysis from the Performance Engine can power simulations in the EBITDA Enhancer or clarify objectives for the Smart Investments solution.

    Solutions Case Study

    Performance Engine Case Study (PDF)

  • Working
    Capital Optimizer

    Free cash and improve working
    capital position using analytics
    across the value chain.

    Improve Working Capital Position by Releasing Cash

    Working Capital Optimizer analyzes data across the Procure to Pay and Order to Cash cycles to identify opportunities that can better manage cash across the value chain.

    Capabilities and Business Outcomes Realized:
    • Provide greater transparency into cash trapped in inefficient hand-offs.
    • Monitor compliance with contract and payment standards as well as terms.
    • Highlight ways to improve inventory management.
    • Perform scenario modeling to understand the impact of decisions across the value chain.
    More Powerful on the Platform

    Combine insights from the Working Capital Optimizer with analysis from Product Profitability to better understand the true cost to serve.

    Solution Case Study

    Working Capital Optimizer (PDF)

    Drive margins and revenue
    performance strategies with
    analytics that plot and project
    core profit trends.

    Drive Margins and Revenue Performance

    EBITDA Enhancer incorporates historical data and big data to derive performance metrics and monitor actions that could impact revenue. By offering up recommendations to increase or mitigate those impacts, this solution provides the basis for comprehensive strategies that the organization can act on, all based on insight and real-time analytics.

    Capabilities and Business Outcomes Realized:
    • Run business driver-led simulations to identify optimal pricing that delivers against business objectives.
    • Create workflows that provide greater transparency across processes.
    • Provide closed-loop feedback on the efficacy of actions taken.
    • Help increase revenue by up to 10% and decrease price exceptions by more than 50%.
    More Powerful on the Platform

    Combine insights from the EBITDA Enhancer with analysis from Product Profitability to further strengthen strategic planning and investment decisions.

  • Product

    Gain a clear analysis of product
    performance, along with the
    margin impacts of price, volume,
    and cost combinations.

    Analyze Product Performance and Impacts on Margins

    Product Profitability provides the organization with a common lens to assess product performance. It optimizes investment and pricing decisions by transforming complex data from multiple sources into an executive dashboard with KPIs and trend analysis across core dimensions.

    Capabilities and Business Outcomes Realized:
    • Assign cost drivers and upload financial and operational data to track their influence in real time.
    • Run margin impact scenarios based on price, volume, and the addition or removal of a product.
    • Dive deep into product and cost data to assess the true value of your products, which can drive smarter, more profitable investments.
    More Powerful on the Platform

    Connect Product Profitability with the modeling capabilities of Dynamic Forecasting to identify further cost drivers that affect profitability—and run portfolio optimization scenarios that uncover additional profit-increasing opportunities.

  • Dynamic

    Improve forecast accuracy by
    up to 25% and transform the
    forecast from a control mechanism
    into an insights engine.

    Improve Forecast Accuracy and Gain Real-Time Insights

    By analyzing driver relationships and changes, Dynamic Forecasting equips leaders with the information they need to create value for the enterprise. Review Alerts indicate changes in driver projections and their potential impact on the overall revenue forecast, as well as changes in the statistical relevance of drivers that impact model accuracy.

    Capabilities and Business Outcomes Realized:
    • Rapidly assess the statistical quality of forecast models and determine if accuracy is improving over time.
    • Perform scenario analysis on potential driver changes and assess the impact on KPIs and overall forecast.
    • Select drivers and model projections based on platform recommendations (statistical relevance) and business expertise.
    • Log comments on corrective actions and track their impact, creating a feedback loop between analyst and model to improve capability.
    More Powerful on the Platform

    More comprehensive, accurate forecasts from Dynamic Forecasting can be combined with recommendations from Smart Investments to inform intelligent investment decisions. Dynamic driver assessments and modeling for cost driver identification from the Product Profitability solution can be leveraged as well.

  • Smart

    Enhance and streamline
    investment analysis through
    big data and machine
    learning capabilities.

    Enhance and Streamline Investment Analysis

    Smart Investments aligns enterprise-wide business objectives with enhanced investment planning and value realization that improves C-suite investment analysis, decision making, and resource optimization processes.

    Capabilities and Business Outcomes Realized:
    • Gain transparency across the total portfolio of investment initiatives and associated spend.
    • Oversee investments with integrated workflow capabilities from ideation to execution.
    • Improve analytics based on history and external data factors.
    More Powerful on the Platform

    Results from Smart Investments can inform EBITDA Enhancer simulations to further identify the best use of investment dollars.

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